Nielsen Television Audience Measurement


Choose from a range of target demographics, time periods, and broadcasters to make up the reports you require.  Ideal for management reporting.  You can also customise report content and views by specified user-group.  For further information contact us.

Channel Audience: 4 week cumes
Provides a 4 week cumulative audience figure for all monitored channels in New Zealand.  Only channels who have achieved a minimum audience sample level are displayed.

Top Programmes
Identifies the top 50 programmes, across each week by all monitored channels, for a variety of demographics.

Daily Programme Audience
Provides programme ratings, for various target audiences, by channel and day.  Data for each programme includes an average audience rating, and the average channel share. Enables analysis of individual programme audience over its duration, for example, comparing the first half of a programme’s performance with the second half.  Also shows HUTs and PUTs at the quarter hour level.

Channel Share
Shows the daily share performance for each channel, and evaluates the contribution of each day to the total weekly channel share.  Enables users to identify how channel share builds with each additional day across the week, and compare this with previous weeks.

Average Audience
Reports on the size of each channel’s audience, averaged daily or weekly for peak or all day.  Channel performance against a range of channel can be identified.

Time Spent Viewing
Details the amount of time spent viewing a channel by the average viewer of that channel.  Results are presented by day and week for peak time or all day.  A variety of target audiences are available.
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