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Privacy Policy Statement of Nielsen TAM LTD

 Our Commitment to the Privacy of our Panel Members

We appreciate and value the participation of our members in this television ratings panel and we want to maintain that trust. 

All information provided by panel members to our company is kept confidential.  Because we respect our members privacy, we assign each home a numeric ID.  Member’s homes are never identified by name, address, or telephone number when we report the TV ratings.  We will not disclose to anyone that a panellist is a member of our panel.  Panellists in turn, both while and after having been a member of the panel, will not reveal to strangers or people in the television, radio, film, newspaper, magazine, advertising or Internet business that they are or were members of the panel.   Panellists should not disclose any information with respect to their participation in the panel or about their families if, to their knowledge, such information is sought because they are or were an Nielsen TAM TV panel member.

The accuracy of our television research depends on keeping confidential the fact that panel members allow us to obtain information from their homes.

A Note to Panel Members

If anyone should inquire about your membership in the ratings panel, please let us know right away.  We would like to know:

  • How the contact was made (in person, phone, letter, e-mail, via the Internet)
  • The name of the person making the contact
  • What was asked of you
  • When the contact was made

If you would like to report an inquiry or have any questions about the privacy policy please phone +64 0800 654 424 and ask for panel liaison.

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